APM HEXSEAL Client Case Study


A speck of dust can mean difference between life or death 
Whether operating on the ground, in high altitudes, or in high-pressure submersible conditions - night vision goggles not only have to be reliably sealed, they need to be field-maintenance friendly for the military. That's why leading night vision equipment manufacturers have selected APM's high-pressure self-sealing SEELSKREWS® to do the job.   
The military/APM Partnership began during World War II. The U.S. military was made painfully aware of control reliability problems with environmental conditions, and shortly thereafter, APM Hexseal joined with the Department of Defense to develop a series of seals, based on a newly created specification (MIL-DTL-5423), that addressed such issues. The result was the development of two patented families of sealing options. They are rated to IP66/ 68 dust and water ingress protection. For more than 60 years, these seals have been extensively used in military, naval, land and avionics applications throughout the world. They are a UL Recognized Component and RoHS compliant. Read more about 
Controlling Hostile Environments.
APM high-pressure self-sealing SEELSKREWS® were chosen and installed to the night-vision goggles. 

Because these special stainless steel sealing fasteners feature an embedded silicone O-Ring, captured under the head in an asymmetrical groove, they are capable of sealing to 20,000psi internal/external against dust, dirt and moisture. Perfect for the volatile work environment that the military so often endures. For maintenance purposes, they can be frequently re-installed without degradation to the silicone O-Ring. APM self-sealing fasteners are an ideal sealing solution as they can easily handle temperatures to +500°F (+260°C). 
Check out our video to see how they work.