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No existing sealing solution will work for specific application   


LAMBDA EMI of Neptune, NJ designs and manufactures high-power, high-current ACIOC Power Supplies for scientific and industrial applications. They can range from 600W to 90kW, usually in standard 19" rack mount. In the case of severe environments such as airborne particles or other corrosive materials, the supplies must be mounted in expensive and large cabinets with separate cooling systems.     

AUDIOACCESS , a division of Madrigal Audio Labs of Middletown, Connecticut, wanted to extend the capability of their popular multi-room audio system to allow keypad control from an outdoor location (e.g. patio). To make the keypad weatherproof, a transparent seal was needed to permit reading the legends on the buttons, facilitate through-seal operation, be easily integrated into their keypad design and be mounted to a standard outdoor electrical box.


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LAMBDA EMI chose APM's P/N HE1050 clear, silicone rubber circuit breaker seal to protect the 3-pole circuit breaker while maintaining full functionality. Pot shaft seals are provided by  

APM's PIN N9030 rotary-shaft seals .  Finally, APM provided additional protection by furnishing a special custom six-position multi-button single-piece seal and a number of self-sealing fasteners with Nylok® inserts.

For AUDIOACCESS, APM custom designed a single-piece, crystal-clear, precision-molded silicone rubber seal that nests neatly into a perimeter groove of the keypad's front plate assembly. This pliable, UV-tolerant seal permits easy viewing of the keypad legends,operation of each button through the seal, tolerance to weather/dust, and molded-in recesses for the mounting screws.

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About APM's Sealing Boots Division: 

The Electronics Division of APM HEXSEAL develops and manufactures environmental protection sealing components for controls that are mounted on switches, potentiometers, encoders, and circuit breakers. Using advanced elastomer molding technology, a broad range of sealing boots are produced to match most controls manufactures' standard part numbers. Most are IP66/68 ingress protection rated and UL Recognized as meeting applicable Canadian and USA enclosure protection standards.

To obtain further information on this subject, call 800-498-9034 and ask for Hexseal and E-Seel Catalogs HEX400 and CB-300 and Self-Sealing Fasteners, Nuts & Washers catalog SF500A.  Free samples available on request.