CTI Electronics Corporation

CTI Electronics Corporation is a 30 year old ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer founded with the invention of the “Industrial Mouse™”, a joystick cursor controller that is used as a mouse pointing device. Our foundation and success has been manufacturing the finest quality industrial operator input devices. CTI is known for designing the most reliable, rugged, human machine interface (HMI) devices that withstand extreme operating temperature ranges, are sealed from exposure to harsh contaminants, and resistant to hazardous chemical and biological materials. These lines of commercial off the shelf (COTS) HMI devices built in our factory include industrial keyboards, mouse pointing devices, industrial analog joysticks, aerospace grade trackballs, analog/digital motion controllers, and NEMA 4 (IP66) sealing momentary switches . CTI’s innovative modular design allows customized solutions of these HMIs to be rapidly prototyped from build to print specifications into a full production rollout.

Our clientele consists of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Systems Integrators, and commercial end users from a wide variety of industries such as industrial processing, medical, military, off-road equipment and aerospace. CTI’s consultative design approach offers a wealth of knowledge to clientele ensuring that the HMI device selected or designed will be the most suitable for the application. Clients have direct access to the engineering design team and quality inspection visits at the Stratford, CT USA factory. In affect at CTI is a quality system which is compliant to the MIL-I-45208 standard, IPC-A-610 standard and also certfied under ISO-9001:2008.

CTI’s core competency is designing and manufacturing its own innovative sensor technology which enables us to guarantee our clients long term availability of the HMI devices. By relying upon our own sensor technology, CTI ensures that our HMI devices meet the harsh environmental and operational requirements of the application. Thus, we guarantee that the reliability and durability of our HMI devices will endure continuous operation for many years of usage. To this end, CTIs innovation has produced 20 patents, either issued or pending.

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CTI Electronics Corporation

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