MA Series

MA series terminal blocks have between 2 and 24 positions with a 3.50 mm, 5.00 mm, 7.50 mm or 10.00 mm pitch. Moreover, MA series Wire-protection clamps provide the highly precise dimension, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and compact wring solutions. The simple clamping mechanism reduces the product cost. The 2&3 pole modular designed terminal blocks can be quickly and easily joined together to produce higher pole number assemblies, however, it depends on the actual situation, for mass quantity, we ca supply the One-piece housing product. MA series allow screw connections for conductors up to 1.5 mm2 to be realized without soldering. MA series are using brass or copper alloy as the fixture for wire connection, which ca make the product be free maintenance, anti-vibration, preventing from screw loosing, outstanding corrosion resistance, and high reliability. When the clamping screw is turned, it pushes the Leaf Spring onto the conductor until a secure connection is achieved. The Leaf Spring prevents the screw from the digging into the conductor and damaging individual conductor stands. MA series products acquired the approvals of UL, CE, and VDE. MA series ensure compliance with rigorous quality standards. Our customers also appreciate our dependability, punctual deliveries and outstanding value for money.